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“…Steely Dan meets Jackson Brown”

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Mod Robert was a semi-finalist in the 2019 International Song Competition, their song chosen from 18,000 entries! Formed by Singer-Songwriter Robert Marcson, Mod Robert performs original music whose poignant lyrics capture the depths of the human experience. Mod Robert's strength is their ability to blend folk-rock's emotional storytelling with jazz improvisation. Their songs feature carefully crafted melodies and complex rhythmic patterns, showcasing the band members' musicianship and their understanding of multiple musical styles. Whether you're a fan of jazz, folk-rock, or even classical music, Mod Robert offers a captivating musical experience that will leave you spellbound.


And Then She Said (In Progress)

Swords and Ghosts (2021) 

Trudge the Dream (2019)  

Deep in the Curve (2016)     

Better Late than Never (2014)

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And Then She Said (2023)


The Piper’s Salary (in progress)

Postage Due (in progress)

Keeping the World Safe for Democracy

The Outstretched Arm (in progress)

Swords and Ghosts (2021):

Lay Down

The Ballad of Mr. Black

Behind the Fourth Wall

Waiting for the Elsewhere

To the Waterfall

Trudge the Dream (2019):

Just Keep Walking

On Borrowed Wings

Out form the Ashes

Plant the Flag

Rain Down

Dark Dark Deep

Bring the Bird Down

Two Legs and One Canoe


Geigezoid II (Instrumental)

It’s the Wonder